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Meeting of the Clan
Tomorrow at 8:00 PM
Meeting of the Clan
Oct 18, 15 8:00 PM
Meeting of the Clan
Oct 25, 15 8:00 PM
Meeting of the Clan
Nov 1, 15 8:00 PM
Meeting of the Clan
Nov 8, 15 8:00 PM
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Thunderhoof Memories
Clan Overview

Thunderhoof Clan is an exclusive Tauren guild on the World of Warcraft server, The Venture Co.
We are a group of Tauren enthusiasts who enjoy casual PvP, PvE and light RP to support our Tauren theme.

The Thunderhoof Clan Video

Thunderhoof Clan was founded in 2007 by a group of real-life friends. 
We are a clean chat guild and require all members follow Blizzard's RP naming policy for their Clan characters. 
Our player base has a 'prime-time' between 4-10pm server-time

Pledge to Baine

Our model focuses on a sense of equality among all members regardless of rank, 
taking individual responsibility for ourselves, our actions and our own gaming experiences, but also a shared responsibility for the Clan as we collectively uphold our Code of Honor.


The Clan makes no demands of anyone's time in-game and allows everyone to pursue whatever activities that interest them. 
Our primary goal is maintaining a casual and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy their game time as they choose.

the hunt

Light Role-Play

More than anything we are a theme guild. Our only rule regarding RP is everyone must respect the role-play of those around them since this is an RP server. 
Our guild chat is non-RP (OOC), but we expect our members to view /s  or /y chat as an official RP channel and to carry themselves as honorable Tauren in the world. 
Clan-run events often have an RP flare to them and we welcome members to get involved with open RP opportunities across the server.

Casual PvP

PvP happens on a PvP server, and Thunderhoof Clan has an active crew of PvPers who strive to improve their PvP gear and spec so they may be ready when the time comes to represent the Clan in battle. We often group together for Bgs and Arena. Defending our homeland of Mulgore and responding to a Clanmate in trouble are also great opportunities to represent our Clan on the wpvp stage.

As a member of the 
DreadHorde guild association, we often join in for wpvp events hosted by other guilds and once per month we hold THUNDARENA! - a guild event where the best in each Tauren class fight for the honor of holding a Champion title.

Casual PvE

Thunderhoof Clan members also enjoy casual PvE in the form of questing, heroics, and occasional LFR.

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