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Code of Honor

"Reputation is what other people know about you.  Honor is what you know about yourself."
Lois McMaster Bujold

Thunderhoof Clan members understand the importance of having integrity as a player and we believe that maintaining a positive reputation on our server is vital to our Clan's growth and stability.

Herein is an overview of the basic principles that we follow to build and maintain our reputation among our friends, enemies, and each other. 

Personal Conduct

Our Clan is open to Tauren enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. As such, having patience with new players and keeping guild chat relevant to the game is the path to honor. Any chat involving profanity, drug references, or racial remarks is unacceptable.

Showing respect to all members is the foundation of our organization.  If you have a disagreement, take it to a personal channel and do not introduce public drama.

While it is difficult at times, refrain from engaging/debating the various "trolls" that appear from time to time in game, chat channels, and the server forums.  This does not mean you cannot disagree or debate anyone, just remain civil and on topic.

Upholding Our Reputation

It is important not to disrupt the environment for other players on our server. Our members keep chat relevant when speaking in any public channel. Repeated spamming, disruptive chat, begging for money, or guild/player bashing undermines the integrity of our clan.

We treat all players (even enemies) on our server with the same respect we do our own Clanmates.

In PvP situations: camping, /spit, planting banners in bodies, and "tea-bagging" are not considered honorable as a Thunderhoof.

Respect Others Time

Thunderhoof Clansmen are respectful of other players time when in a party. Showing up on time and prepared for scheduled events and raids should be the hallmark of a Clansman.

It is polite to notify party members when your time with them grows short; and never suddenly drop a party without notice or reason. Try to limit your AFK's while in parties as well.  Other players goals and time are just as important as our own.

The Guild Vault

Our Vault only has one rule: we take only items that are useful to our Clan characters; and not for sale or auction. Otherwise all members are encouraged make deposits and withdraws from the Guild Vault up to their daily allowances.  Remember, the bank is there to help you, please use it.


We strive to maintain a spirit of cooperation among our members. Helping others in need and making useful donations to the Guild Vault will go a long way toward earning honor with the Clan. The synergy created from people working together is the most valuable aspect of guild membership.

Working together creates the bonds that hold the Herd together.  Help your fellow Clansmen achieve goals and get stronger, in the end it makes us all stronger.

Role Play Guidelines

Thunderhoof Clan is a light RP theme guild. Though we do not require anyone to RP, everyone must respect the RP of those around them. The Venture Co is an RP server. We also require a Thunderhoof member's name to fall within Blizzard's RP naming policies.

Most of our chat (guild, party/raid) is OOC (out of character) but we do consider /say to be a public RP channel. As such, when you speak in /say please keep your chat RP friendly and avoid abbreviations and other internet slang. Formal greetings and polite conversation will go a long way toward building our reputation and enhancing the experience of others.

As a Thunderhoof member, you represent all of us.  The reputation we carry on VeCo affords us many unique opportunities.  As you benefit from the reputation others have built for our Clan, remember to continue to show the community the Thunderhoof banner means something, and the reputation is well-deserved.


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