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Meeting of the Clan
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Dec 13, 15 8:00 PM
Meeting of the Clan
Dec 20, 15 8:00 PM
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Clan Ranks

A member is responsible for their own recognition and promotion.  If you feel you are ready for the next step, speak to a Minister of the Chieftain.  No one should be overlooked, but it can happen.

Guild Ranks


All new members to the Clan begin their rank as a Pledge. A pledge has shown interest in joining the Clan, and may be promoted to the rank of Initiate at their first appearance during a Sunday night meeting.


An Initiate has sworn to our Code of Honor and vowed to uphold Clan values as they gain membership into the Herd. It is then the Initiates duty to demonstrate their loyalty to the Clan and walk a Path of Honor among us. Over time, an Initiate's honorable deeds will be noticed by our council and eventually result in their ascension as a true Thunderhoof Clansman.

[Path of Honor:  The path is a set of deeds and accomplishments that the initiate must finish before she can be accepted into the guild as a full clansman.  The path is unique to each member and will be given when they are promoted to Initiate.]


These members represent the fabric of our organization. A Clansman has proven over time that they truly have the spirit of the Clan within them and their title is a life-long symbol of the respect and honor they have earned in Thunderhoof Clan and with all Shu'Halo.  For many players, this will be a life-long ranking and is held with pride.


A Mentor is expected to be knowledgeable in their class and art.  They are a class resource to other clan members.  And they are tasked with advising and training clansmen. They have the responsibility of enforcing the Code of Honor and assisting the Chieftain when he calls for their help/input. They are expected to exemplify the Principles of Thunderhoof.  This rank may be awarded to Clansmen of extraordinary longevity who have influenced the Clan,  served with distinction and demonstrated superior knowledge of their class and arts.


Councilors see to the needs of the Clan.  They are counsel to the Chieftain, and see to much of the administrative duties of the guild. There are  three Councilors to the Chieftain


The Thunderhoof Clan is currently led by a Chieftess.  The Chieftain leads the guild.  This being said, a Chieftain answers to the Elders and Clansmen of Thunderhoof.  The Chieftain will always have the final word, but should always seek the wisdom and wishes of the clan.  

 A Chieftain should be treated with honor, but is no more important or integral to the guild than it's members.  Former Chieftains will keep the honorific title of "Chieftain" for life.

Currently, the Thunderhoof clan has a Co-chieftain.  This rank exists, however, at the discretion of the GM and may be eliminated by future GM's

Honorary Ranks


Thunderhoof Clan has eight Champions, one for each path a Tauren may follow, be they Warrior, Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Death Knight, Paladin, Monk or Priest. Every other month we open the floor of Thundarena so that Clansmen may lay challenge for this title through honorable combat.

Our Clan Champions represent the strongest among our seven classes and it is a great honor to hold this title, though they may be called out to prove themselves worthy time and time again.


This was once a rank identifying founding members of Thunderhoof Clan who not only had been with the Clan for a very long time, but served as Master Crafters under our old system of government.  The Elder rank is considered closed and may only be given by the Chieftain under extraordinary circumstances.


The Minister rank is considered closed and may only be given by the Chieftain under extraordinary circumstances.  Retiring Ministers may retain the honorific title of Minister for life.

Alt Policy

Players of the rank of Clansmen and above are able to have 7 alts (one for each class of Tauren, please). Special considerations may be made for extraordinary circumstances.
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